Madame Butterfly/22th of March

Let’s look another way: she was the girl who knows the rules of gambling in life.
She has to put all the rest; her own cultural identity, the relatives, a child’s life on the table to take the US citizenship over an American Lituneant.
If you put all your existence  yourself in  society, that means you play BIG, and if you lose, you lose BIG. And the tragic finale is inevitable.
I think in this play the ‘LOVE’ itself is abused for the oppurtinism. OK, the US officer is totally wrong mannered. He  deceives and abused the girl. But we can’t put the bonus of love on her character because of her sacrifice…
I think Anna Karenina deserves that bonus more than that of Madame..
The minimalist decoration was really nice.
Congrutulations to Devlet Opera ve Balet Inst. for the well-prepared play of Madame Butterfly
Opportunist Madame Butterfly bence kaderinden bir ölçüde kendisi de sorumlu. Kapağı ABD’ye atmak için kültürünü bu kadar red etmeye teşne bu kızın hikayesi hiç yabancı değil. Alay etmiyorum ancak kendi içinde bir kurnazlık taşıyan bir davranış kalıbı bu. Bir de çocuk yapıp aşkını yüceltmek, resti ortaya koymak demek değil mi? Ya bu oyuna gelmezse partner..Son ister istemez trajik oluyor..
Unutmadan, minimalist dekor harika..
Üst yazı hayatı kolaylaştırıyor..
DOB’u bu güzel oyun için kutlarım..

One Reply to “Madame Butterfly/22th of March”

  1. AslıCan(Gül) told another story about Madame Butterfly, indeed about M. Butterfly. It was a movie that  Jeremy Irons played. The story that she told took place in far east probably in China.
    The guy fall in love with Chineese girl but to his surprise in the finale he found out that the girl was too a secret agent aaand she was a MAN. Seems as a SPY story but in fact a passion story I guess. Must see..
    During the cultural revolution in China in mid-1960s, a French diplomat falls in love with a singer in the Beijing Opera. Interwoven with allusions o the Pccini opera "Madama Butterfly", a story of love and betreyal unfolds..

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