Flight Symphony

It is a high speed seems too slow.

What does it mean?

The most closer is so far away.

Scene flows heavily like magmatic eruption in front of my eyes half open.

A wide angle trying to embrace infinite space.

Grayish blue fills white clouds’ deeps.

Possible to feel atmospheric arc paralel to the earth circle.

Clouds draw geographics like the land beneath

Mountains, steps and valleys; lakes, seas and even oceans resides here too.

There, far away ! A norrow absolute white horizon line meeting clouds’ blue white.

Ant the blue goes in day blue at the heights..

Then something extra ordinary took place;

an objects ceases this slowshooting flow at the sky of this geography,

flies through top of us , with a route cutting perpendicular..

His angle underlines his speed. Seems an angle of the most speed..

Paralel motion should expose just the displacement.

Where as, he would be growing dark circle

if he should come on the same line we’re moving.

Geometry, space and time in this huge vast emptiness make me happy like the toys ,

I’ve ever played..


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