Georgian in search for her roots/იდეა

Golden PostShe inspired me the idea.

In the beginning Georgia was not even an option. We were checking vacation ads & web sites to find a Holiday resort for a week or two in July. But we have had already behind of our time-table. She had the miles which would be overdue in a month. I had the visa problem. So we were in a hurry to find a quick solution for our ten day vacation. We have to find a destination which I could get-in without visa (since I don’t have green passport like my girl friend, that was another issue that we could discuss) and we have to do this before her credit card miles burnt away. Ads followed ads, web sites followed web sites and in panic we were stucked.

And the idea came in suddenly like a cavalary in wild west. I have looked to my girl friend’s cute Caucasian face and suddenly remembered her roots. Her family had been migrated from Batumi at late 19th century (1877-1878 and settled down to Ordu , (a city at black sea shores of Anatolia) . Moreover Georgia didnot require  visa for Turkish people. We had to go to Georgia  to her ancestors’ mother land.

When I told her my idea she smiled me nicely and told ‘yes but ..’ So we had at least the idea, the objective now. Our duty was from now on to fix these ‘but’s.

the topics to check were

– Package trip to Georgia or self-made one

– If a self-made one how would  be the itinerary

– While Georgia was the main destination how about Azerbeijan and Armania as side dishes

– Accommodation problems in this high season

– Security ? It was the region which a conflict took place a couple of years ago between Georgia and Russia (

Her brother had been visited there for mountaineering purposes a year ago. He had climbed to Kazbegi( We’ve got advices from him that a couple of days were enough for Georgia both Tbilisi and Batumi. He had told us jokefully that ‘go on there wander around, but don’t forget to taste Georgian cuisine’ It was like eat-wander- be happy type of advise. But that advise has a clue for our under-design trip. Georgian Cuisine would have to be one of major component of this tailor made trip.

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