Georgia under construction

On a rainy black sea day we arrived Batumi. The green scene and the moisture with a warm air wave caressing my skin surprised me as I was stepping out of our 66-seated small propeller. I felt as if I was in tropics. But the color of the light welcomed us warmly, somehow I felt comfortable. The first impression conveyed by the light and the climate was not disturbing but even relaxing.

With a few people in the airport hall we’ve not experienced the hurry of airports. There were a couple of teenagers in their traditional suits serving a kind of traditional dessert. At outside a friend; my gf’s cousin’s friend was waiting for us. This handsome clean faced guy smilingly started to talk fluently in Turkish while I was wondering as if I had to talk with him in English or not.  He was a dance teacher who has been being teaching tango-wise  dances in Ordu. I realized that his accent-less Turkish was coming from the social environment that he was in.. That is; he was not talking as if he had learned Turkish from typical Black Sea people (Laz) .

We took a cab to our hotel. It was spitting while we were moving toward the city. Uncrowded streets, old fashioned soviet residences, apartments, people going to beach in rain all were the first scenes I glimpsed.

Our friend left us in Turkish style Istanbul Hotel deciding to meet later. After a short rest we were again in streets . In first hand we checked the beach, not a sand seaside, but a pebble beach. We saw new hotels Sheraton and Radisson buildings in the new silhouette of the city. Then we break into the muddy inner streets which were in dirt because of  reconstructions, and renovations rather than untidiness. And she got the title 🙂 “Georgia under construction”. Not just in concrete way (buildings, roads etc.) but also in ideological way so to speak. I will tell about that in next blogs.

In these muddy streets my gf discovered some local markets selling fruits and vegetables which seems so organic. They were not attractive visually but delicious in taste. With muddy sandals we returned to our hotel to take our early dinner and we were introduced the very first sample of georgian cuisine, not a typical one but a delicious one : Kotek Fish.

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