Sunny Sunday

As the song says “Your sunny someday will come one day soon”(Pink Martini, Hang on little tomato); our sunny Sunday was the next day. So we take our chance on this sunny day to  run the classical method  of the budget city travel; Taking  a local transport bus which is your beginning stop is your ending stop at the same time. We got the bus ticket from a tobacco shop and learned this round-trip bus tour number. The Batum busses are clean and not too crowded. The people are neat and polite. You can easily find empty seats. We traveled along Cornish; the Hotels (Sheraton & Radisson)  , the Harbour, the post-modern light house. After the cornish  our bus turns to back streets where old soviet blocks reside. Mostly they have fragmented facades, each fragment have different coating material or color. Seems each have different owner who decided to cover its facade due to his needs or taste. Basically you could watch the poverty  on these facades. It is ironical to see that this tasteful nation has so few to do when poverty strucks.; aluminium coatings, bare bricks and so on. After a state owned centralized management now decentralized no management without money.

After the bus  tour we met with our friend and went to place where a Batumi Visitor has to go necessarily; Botanic Park !

It is about 10 km north of the city. You can go there about 15 $ by taxi. The park was founded at 1912. The first designers of this fabulous park were a French & a Georgian; D’Alphonse & Iason (Jason) Gordeziani. (114 hectares land with 3274 plant species) By the way Iason was also the name of the leader of the Argonauts  who were looking for golden fleece due to Greek Myth.( It is so wide area for walking. There is a mini bus touring in the park, and best way to enjoy the park is to have a seat on it.  There are huge trees and colourful plants which could make you surprised. So don’t miss he Botanic Park.

We returned back to the city by a minibus which costs for a few laris.

The sunny Batumi had third oppurtunity. Fine Arts museum. But we couldn’t find the masterpieces of Georgian Art there. No any Pir Osmani’s shortly. So you it is not a must to go place for Batumi.

Ok enough for sunny sunday. Let’s pass to monday.

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