Resist Mango


Resist Mango / Sokağına sahip çık

  • aslikutluay@nevugga lifestyle stands front destruction with a fruit name between ugly stones 👍
  • Yorumu Silnevugga@aslikutluay mango avokado fig; all joy of our lives 🙂 lets not destroy what gives joy to us !
  • Yorumu Silaslikutluay@nevugga my new inspiring fruit is lemmon Not only ir resembles me John’s Surname, and makes me sing “imagine” also shows shades of yellow including acidic freshness & sweetest sour ironies
  • Yorumu Silnevugga“A man captures colour She’s your destination
    A man likes to stare There’s no sleeping there
    He turns his money into light She’s imagination
    To look for her Lemon
    She is the dreamer
    She’s imagination She had heaven
    Through the light projected “.. #u2@aslikutluay I capture the colour. She’s my destination. Look for your lemon
  • Yorumu SilmacarakacanElbisesi Mango’dan, sevgilisi Kongo’dan derler ama fotoğraf Kongo’dan sanırım 🙂


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