On-Board Exhibition at ARTin90

Contemporary Art Initiative No.90 opens its doors  with “On Board” exhibition in 30th of May. In the exhibition Aslı GibidirAhmet Güvenand Aslı Kutluay‘s recent contemporary art works can be seen until May 17th . The three different floors in   No.90 building hosted to the artists’ works respectively named  “Ankara”“Solmaz” and “On The Track of an Scientist” installations. The exhibition will also host to special space arranged for commemoration of the designer and the founder of No.90 Aylin Perçin passed away in 2013.


Contemporary Art Initiative ARTin90 founded

We are (ARTin90) a Contemporary Art Initiative founded in Ankara whose  members have a common vision that, the problems around the globe (social, ecological, economical or political) could and should be resolved by communication of all parties.

So by means of art we aim to urge upon;  rather than  the actual problems people talk to, but the complex human phenomena lay behind as root causes.

We believe contemporary art  besides its so many known contemporary approaches in this millenia would could also interfere these complexities   by setting up artistic processes and works.

Hereafter art should not just focus  solely on  visuality  but also on  of artistic processes.

Contemporary Art Initiative ARTin90


Chekov’s Gun


Life is like Chekov's gun.
 When guns are fired in our chapters and we asked why.
 Go on look at the wall !
 Go on look at previous chapters.

"If .. there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it's not going to be fired, it shouldn't be hanging there." —Anton Chekhov


Resist Mango


Resist Mango / Sokağına sahip çık

  • aslikutluay@nevugga lifestyle stands front destruction with a fruit name between ugly stones 👍
  • Yorumu Silnevugga@aslikutluay mango avokado fig; all joy of our lives 🙂 lets not destroy what gives joy to us !
  • Yorumu Silaslikutluay@nevugga my new inspiring fruit is lemmon Not only ir resembles me John’s Surname, and makes me sing “imagine” also shows shades of yellow including acidic freshness & sweetest sour ironies
  • Yorumu Silnevugga“A man captures colour She’s your destination
    A man likes to stare There’s no sleeping there
    He turns his money into light She’s imagination
    To look for her Lemon
    She is the dreamer
    She’s imagination She had heaven
    Through the light projected “.. #u2@aslikutluay I capture the colour. She’s my destination. Look for your lemon
  • Yorumu SilmacarakacanElbisesi Mango’dan, sevgilisi Kongo’dan derler ama fotoğraf Kongo’dan sanırım 🙂